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Fingal’s youth diversion projects receive €316,000 in funding


Cllr Ian Carey (GP)

Cllr Ian Carey (GP)

Cllr Ian Carey (GP)


Fingal Green party representatives have welcomed funding for Youth Diversion Projects for 2022 including €316,000 for Projects in Dublin Fingal

Funding will go towards assisting projects with boundary extensions, appointing family support workers, working with harder-to-engage children and early intervention.

The funding will also contribute towards aim of providing YDP services in every county in Ireland

Minister Joe O’Brien, TD and Cllr Ian Carey have welcomed funding allocations for Youth Diversion Projects for 2022 in Dublin Fingal amounting to €316,000.

Youth Diversion Projects (YDPs) engage with young people through a range of supports, including education, training and employment support, social enterprise initiatives, as well as personal development and supports such as mentoring, and personal development activities.

Welcoming the funding Minister O’Brien said: “Having visited Youth Diversion Projects in the past, I have seen first-hand the positive impact they have on both the young people who they welcome through their doors and the wider communities in which they are based.

“I am delighted to see four projects in Swords are to receive a total of €316,000 in funding. One of the projects currently in Swords is receiving the funding to establish a new team based in the Donabate/Portrane area which allows the project to enable engagement with young people in an area currently lacking in services for young people.

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“Another project in Swords will fund a project to support early intervention, supporting younger siblings under the age of 11 to focus on decision making, school and family issues and peer support.”

Cllr Ian Carey, representative for Swords and Chair of the Fingal Joint Policing Committee said: “This is really welcome news for Swords. Sadly, over Covid we saw an increase in public order offences, particularly amongst young people, this funding will help address that.

“We have also seen an increase in risky behaviour, such as drug taking, amongst younger age groups.

“The early intervention work and family support is key to keeping young people on a positive path.

“We know this can work and I’m delighted to see these supports being put in place.”