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Fingal plays its part on World Ocean Day


Marram grass planting project taking place in Portmarnock for World Ocean Day

Marram grass planting project taking place in Portmarnock for World Ocean Day

Marram grass planting project taking place in Portmarnock for World Ocean Day


Fingal played its part in a giant clean-up of our beaches for World Ocean Day, recntly.

World Ocean Day is celebrated annually on June 8th to highlight the important role the ocean has for our life and the planet. In 2022, the focus will once more be on the 30x30 campaign: to create a healthy ocean with abundant wildlife and to stabilize the climate, it is critical that 30% of our planet’s lands, waters, and ocean are protected by 2030.

One of the issues affecting our ocean is marine litter which has become a global problem for both humans and marine life. However, communities around Ireland have demonstrated their desire to be part of the solution by taking part in several beach cleaning and clean-up calls to action.

Statistics show that the number one cause of marine litter is litter dropped in towns and cities. Building on the success of the Spring Clean 22 campaign, which took place in the month of April and saw 500,000 volunteers organising over 5,600 clean-ups, the National Spring Clean programme is joining Clean Coasts this year in supporting these communities around Ireland.

Sinead McCoy, Coastal Communities Manager said: “We were so overwhelmed with the support received from the public.

“In under 72 hours over 230 clean-ups had already registered on the Clean Coasts website. Now over 4,000 volunteers are set to take action for World Ocean Day by organising or joining a clean-up event around Ireland.”

In County Dublin, over 30 clean-ups were undertaken which saw at least 700 volunteers getting involved. This incredible support by the community in County Dublin comes after a successful National Spring Clean campaign in the county, which saw over 18,500 volunteers organising over 460 clean-ups in county Dublin.

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Moreover, volunteers in Dublin enthusiastically joined the Enjoy and Protect event in conjunction with Big Style, which entailed a SUP clean-up of the Dun Laoghaire Harbour. Finally, Clean Coasts worked with Dublin CARO and Fingal County Council on a series of Marram Grass Planting events in Portmarnock Beach.

All these events are happening in the context of a very few busy months for the organisation, which saw other initiatives to protect and learn more about the ocean being launched recently, including a series of beach cleans all over Ireland in conjunction with Brown Thoman, including one in Dublin earlier this June where over 10kg of marine litter were removed, the launch of two marine biodiversity directories, the release of new Enjoy and Protect guides, marram grass planting events and more.

In 2021, the initiative changed its name from “World Oceans Day” to “World Ocean Day”. By dropping the “s”, its organisers wanted to highlight the fact that we are all connected by a large ocean. This shared ocean supports all life on the planet, by producing most of the oxygen we breathe.