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Fingal County Council provides some clarity on the future of St Ita’s Hospital campus in Portrane


St Ita's Hospital Campus, Portrane

St Ita's Hospital Campus, Portrane

St Ita's Hospital Campus, Portrane


Fingal County Council has provided some clarity around the future of vacant buildings at the former St Ita’s Hospital complex in Portrane.

Cllr Adrian Henchy (FF) asked the council to “provide an update on any recent discussions between the Planning & Strategic Infrastructure Department, Housing Department and the HSE with a view to any proposed plans for the residential zoned HSE lands near Portrane Village, the regeneration and reuse of the large number of vacant buildings across the St. Ita’s Campus, the installation of permeable footpaths, cycle-paths on the periphery of the St. Ita’s Hospital lands...”

In response, the council stated: “The recently published Draft Fingal County Development Plan 2023-2029 recognizes that the existing institutional complex at St Ita’s is very extensive and accommodates many protected structures and attractive buildings in an extensive demesne type landscape.

“Building elements within the complex are landmark structures, which are visible over long distances from the coastline, particularly to the south. The need to examine options regarding the optimal re-use and refurbishment of the complex of Protected Structures within the demesne setting was identified by the council, to ensure the future sustainable use of this important and unique resource.

“A feasibility study of St Ita’s, was completed in November 2013 jointly by Fingal County Council and the Health Service Executive (HSE) to determine the optimal future sustainable use of this complex and to consider the development of new modern psychiatric health care and ancillary facilities having regard to the cultural, visual and ecological sensitivities of the site. The objectives within the draft County Development Plan seek to promote the use or reuse of all the Protected Structures at St. Ita’s Hospital complex and demesne in Portrane to secure the viable sustainable re-use of the complex into the future and which will provide for the proper conservation and sustainable development of St. Ita’s.”

The council report concluded: “With regard to the provision of amenity routes through these lands the HSE board has approved the proposals for the transfer of the St Ita’s lands to the council for the greenways and a long-term lease on the remaining lands for a proposed nature reserve.”

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