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Fingal County Council congratulated on advancing Swords Cultural Quarter project


Swords Cultural and Civic Centre

Swords Cultural and Civic Centre

Swords Cultural and Civic Centre


Local Swords councillor Joe Newman (ind) this week congratulated AnnMarie Farrelly, CEO of the local authority on her announcement that the council had secured planning permission for the Swords Cultural Quarter.

Cllr Newman said that this was “a most significant announcement”.

He said that he had been informed that the project will put out to tender imminently and that construction is promised to start at the end of next year.

The local councillor went on to say that the new library planned for the Cultural Quarter will also incorporate a theatre.

He said: “Way back, when the idea of a Cultural Quarter was first raised. I was the first local representative to point up the need for a theatre in the county town.

“I pushed the former CEO to include a theatre in the plans.

“The CEO at that time, acknowledged the merit in my proposal.

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“Many of my peers on the council thought that it would never happen.”

Newman explained that the planned Black Box theatre, which will be part of the New Library in the Cultural Quarter will be able to cater for audiences of between 165 and 360 depending on the type of event being staged.

The seating will be retractable, which allow for a number of alternatives, such as dance, music and performances.

Cllr. Newman said that this was going to be “a fabulous facility for the people of Swords and the North County” and he was very much looking forward to seeing this project being delivered on time.