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Council to engage contractor to tackle repairs to wooden path at Portmarnock Beach


Portmarnock Beach

Portmarnock Beach

Portmarnock Beach


Fingal County Council is to procure a contractor to undertake repairs of the wooden path to the beach at Golf Links Road, Portmarnock.

The council confirmed the move following a motion tabled by Cllr Brian McDonagh (LAB) at a recent Howth/Malahide Area Committee meeting.

Cllr McDonagh’s motion requested repairs to the wooden path, while welcoming the addition of toilet facilities and protective ropes at the beach.

Speaking at the meeting, Cllr McDonagh said he wished to acknowledge the “excellent” new toilets installed at Portmarnock Beach.

There were also ropes installed on front of the beach which he welcomed, he said, which had resulted in “one-twentieth” the amount of people walking on the dunes.

Speaking of the wooden path, Cllr McDonagh said it had been “very successful” over the past 20 years.

Although it was “refreshed” every couple of years, he said, there were sections which had not received any attention of late.

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He said the hawthorn has in certain sections grown over the path, and this may need to be cut back.

Saying he was “really happy” with the council’s report, Cllr McDonagh said he hoped this work could be carried out if not by the end of the summer, then in the autumn.

The report was noted.