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Council gives new update on public swimming pool project for Fingal

School students show support for swimming pool project


Public swimming pool project for Fingal is gathering momentum.

Public swimming pool project for Fingal is gathering momentum.

Public swimming pool project for Fingal is gathering momentum.


Fingal County Council has given a progress report on delivering a public swimming pool for north Fingal.

Prompted by a question on the issue from Cllr James Humphreys (Lab), the council issued a written report on the issue which has been the subject of an ongoing campaign for years now.

The local authority explained: “The Community Culture & Sports Division commissioned a report on the need for a multi-purpose sports facility in the north of the county including the provision of a public swimming pool.

“The objective of Phase 1 of this work is to establish the baseline data by carrying out a mapping exercise including an audit of all facilities (sports, community etc., public and private) and a Gap Analysis which will be evidence based and future proofed.”

The council report added: “This is a significant piece of research with considerable detail involved.

“The draft report has been reviewed in terms of accuracy and is being finalised.

“It is intended to bring a presentation on this report to a future meeting of the council.”

Fingal County Council said: “A site for a swimming pool for the North County has been identified as part of the Draft Castlelands Masterplan.

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“The development of the swimming pool at this location will require detailed studies and analysis to include, planning, the development of a business case, detailed financial and economic appraisal, the identification of a budget and consideration of the optimum management and operational model.”

The North Fingal Pool Committee has been pursuing the objective of a public pool for the north of the county for some time.

The committee are pleased that a site in Castlelands has been identified for the project but are determined to keep their objective in the spotlight until its achieved.

To that end, the committee carried out an extensive survey in primary and secondary schools in the region to gauge support for the project among young people.

Some 23 schools participated in the online survey with only six reporting that they currently provide swimming opportunities for their students and in the main, had to travel to Drogheda to do so.

There was overwhelming support for a local public pool among the schools’ students, according to the committee.

Students listed health, fitness and water safety education as some of the main benefits of having more regular access to a local swimming facility.

The committee said they hope that Fingal County Council will “follow through with their promise to support this project in the next two to three years.”