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Council congratulates Balbriggan Cricket Club for becoming ‘Champions of Leinster’


Balbriggan Cricket Club are Leinster Champions

Balbriggan Cricket Club are Leinster Champions

Balbriggan Cricket Club are Leinster Champions


Balbriggan Cricket Club are basking in their glory having seen a remarkable summer where they were named Champions of Leinster with one round remaining.

The sensational rise to the top for the club – which was only promoted to Premier League Cricket for the 2022 season –  has been praised by Fingal County Council, as the club beat all seven teams in the division at least once this season and managed to secure the title ahead of their final match Final game.

Senior Sports Officer with Fingal County Council, Niall McGuirk, said of the remarkable success of the Fingal club: “The whole sports team sends their congratulations to Balbriggan Cricket Club on a sensational achievement.

"Such success does not come overnight, your determination throughout the pandemic to strengthen the club, be more connected than ever to the community, and keep youth development at the core, were values we always wanted you to be rewarded for on the field.

"We hope that you enjoy what you so richly deserve, in being crowned the number one cricket club in Leinster for 2022”.

Albert Harper, a devoted member of Balbriggan Cricket Club, said: “This title reflects what happens when our hard work over many years is supported by our local council and its cricket development team.

"We ask our council, and local councillors to please stand with us again this winter to see the impact the indoor centre will have, not just in the Balbriggan, but the whole of the Fingal cricket community, in ensuring passionate cricketers have access to cricket 365 days a year”.

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So far, the team have amassed some 2,443 runs and taken 92 wickets, as they barnstormed to the title in their maiden season in Leinster’s top


Conor Fletcher and Greg Ford reached centuries along the way, while two bowlers, Andy Darroch and Kashif Ali, took five or more wickets in a match.

It is now just two weeks until the Fingal County Council supported winter boys, girls, and disability programmes restart.

The hope is that soon Balbriggan’s indoor centre will be able to support those programmes and will have cricket opportunities 365 days a year in Fingal.

For more information on cricket development, and youth winter programmes in Fingal, contact Brian O’Rourke, Cricket Development Manager at brian.orourke@cricketleinster.ie.