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Childcare costs must fall following Budget 2023 says Alan Farrell TD


Alan Farrell TD

Alan Farrell TD

Alan Farrell TD


Dublin Fingal TD, Alan Farrell, has said that Budget 2023 should help families meet the costs of childcare.

Speaking recently, Deputy Farrell referenced the “real challenge” that parents are facing with childcare costs, and said he hoped the forthcoming budget would “ease this strain.”

He said: “The Government has an ambition to see childcare costs significantly reduced over the course of this and future budgets.

"To be clear, it is not the intention of Government to see prices simply frozen, but to see them fall across the board.

“I have spoken to many local people about the pressure childcare costs have placed on their families, and similarly, I have spoken to many of our local childcare providers, who are also keen to see the costs fall.”

Deputy Farrell said it is “vital” that we see these costs reduced through budgetary actions, which he said he knew would have “a meaningful impact on families.”

He said the budget will include a wide range of measures that will “help people to keep more of their hard-earned money.”

Speaking of the situation in Ukraine “and the wider world”, Deputy Farrell said the budget is “the perfect opportunity” for Government to make direct intervention and assist people to face these challenges.

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