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Balbriggan woman fined for Covid breach after failing to convince judge of her story


Balbriggan District Court

Balbriggan District Court

Balbriggan District Court


A woman who claimed she was living with her boyfriend’s mother has been fined for breaching Covid regulations after a judge said she did not believe this information was accurate.

Vicky Walsh (19) with an address at Pinewood Green Court, Balbriggan pleaded not guilty to breaching the regulations on the April 8, 2020.

Garda Stephen Hughes told the court he received a call out to Balscadden about a Nissan Almera which was involved in an accident. At the scene, he observed the vehicle which had had a blowout of the front tyre. There was no tax or insurance on the car, he said.

The garda said he found three people hiding behind a wall close by and Vicky Walsh was one of them. He said he spoke to Walsh and asked for her address, which she gave as Pinewood Green, Balbriggan.

The defendant told Balbriggan District Court she was living with her boyfriend’s mother at the time in Dun Saithne, Balbriggan which was 2km from Balscadden and not in Pinewood Green Court, which is 6km from the area.

Defence barrister Deirdre Flannery said it was the defendant’s contention that she was never asked for her address by gardaí and if they had asked her she would have told them she was living with her partner’s mother.

Judge Deirdre Gearty said she didn’t have “any doubt” the accused was at the address she provided to Garda Hughes on the day. She convicted Walsh and fined her €100.

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