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Balbriggan Meals on Wheels dedicates new outdoor area to founder Eoghan Ó Ceallacháin


Balbriggan Meals on Wheels outdoor area opening

Balbriggan Meals on Wheels outdoor area opening

Balbriggan Meals on Wheels outdoor area opening


Balbriggan Meals on Wheels recently held a get together to celebrate the launch of their newly developed outdoor area.

The occasion was also used to dedicate the new facility to Eoghan Ó Ceallacháin, in recognition of his tireless work over the years, not only for Balbriggan Meals on Wheels, but also for the whole Balbriggan community.

Balbriggan Meals on Wheels would like to acknowledge Dublin Rural Leader for grant funding of €24,063.75 towards this project.

They are also grateful to their Fundraising Committee and those who supported them in raising the balance of €10,000.

Balbriggan Meals on Wheels would also like to thank Christopher White for the donation of flowers and shrubs. The support of St Peter & Paul’s Parish is also acknowledged.

The outdoor area is a great additional space for those who use the services of Balbriggan Meals on Wheels, Order of Malta and many other community groups.

It will be a space where people can sit outside and have a cup of tea, a chat and enjoy the art work provided by Youthreach, Foroige and Fingal Lighthouse Art Group.

It is also used as a lovely area for serving teas and coffees at the Pop-up-Shop, currently hosted by Balbriggan Meals on Wheels on Friday mornings.

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Balbriggan Meals on Wheels prepare and deliver meals to the most vulnerable people in the local community who for whatever reason are unable to provide meals for themselves; they are people who are referred by Public Health Nurses and Social Workers. Balbriggan Meals on Wheels operates six days per week and currently provides in the region of 80-100 meals per day in the wider Balbriggan Community.

They also host a Dinner Club three days per week which provides a meal and an important social outlet to members.

Balbriggan Meals on Wheels surprised Eoghan Ó Ceallacháin on the day by announcing that the Outdoor Area was to be dedicated to him in recognition of his tremendous work for the Balbriggan community over the years.

Eoghan is one of the founder members of Balbriggan Meals on Wheels. He, along with a number of volunteers, helped build the first kitchen, following the death of a woman in Quay Street from malnutrition in 1975.

The first kitchen had to be rebuilt and the sum of €120,000 was raised in order to do that. Eoghan has always put the community first, and particularly those who are most vulnerable.

Eoghan is very committed to the work of St Peter and Paul’s Parish. Over the years he has worked hard to have laity involvement in the Church. In 1971 he established pilgrimages to Lourdes with his brother Tommy. He was also instrumental in establishing the readers for Masses. During this time he started to visit local people in hospitals. He gave much needed support to patients and families.

During his years with the Order of Malta, Eoghan fundraised and refurbished this building. The Day Care Centre was opened in 1977 as Thomas ó Ceallacháin Centre.

The Day Care Centre provides activities for people with disabilities from North Fingal (Balbriggan, Skerries, Rush and Lusk). It hosts training for young people in First Aid, monthly parties for the elderly and other events for people with disabilities.