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Balbriggan man fined €200 for driving untaxed scooter without a licence


Balbriggan District Court

Balbriggan District Court

Balbriggan District Court


A €200 fine has been imposed on a man stopped by gardaí driving a model scooter with no driving licence or tax displayed.

Dean Charles, Moylaragh Park, Balbriggan was found guilty in his absence after he failed to appear at Balbriggan District Court.

Garda Simon Stephen Gerrard said he stopped Charles on July 3, 2020 at Hamlet Lane, Balbriggan driving a model scooter.

He said the vehicle would be classed as an MPV and has a maximum speed of 30km/hr.

Charles had no driving licence and the vehicle wasn’t taxed.

He said the scooter was seized on the day and Charles refused to nominate a garda station in which to produce documents.

A fixed penalty notice was issued but this was not paid.

Charles has no previous convictions.

Judge Dermot Dempsey imposed a €100 fine for driving without a driving licence and a further €100 fine for non-display of tax.

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