Abandoned giant rabbit Queen Maeve going to new home after several ‘potential owners’ came forward

One man from the UK claimed to be 7kg animal’s real owner

The giant Flemish rabbit, named Queen Maeve, was found abandoned in Dublin two weeks ago

Amy Blaney

New owners have been chosen for the giant 7kg rabbit found abandoned in Dublin two weeks ago.

The Flemish rabbit, named Queen Maeve, was found in Mulhuddart by a member of the public and the DSPCA has since been searching to reunite the rabbit with its owner.

Queen Maeve, believed to be about two years old, has undergone surgery to be neutered and will spend one week in recovery before going to her new home.

“She is the most amazing rabbit. You walk up to her and she stands up on her back legs to have her head scratched, she’s fabulous,” said Gillian Bird at the DSPCA. “Once she recovers she will go for rehoming.”

The DSPCA have said a number of “potential owners” came forward to claim the abandoned rabbit, however, no “legitimate” owners have been found.

“There was a potential owner from the UK whose rabbit was stolen in January, but that was not Queen Maeve,” said Ms Bird.

“Then we had another gentleman from Wicklow who said it was his, but his rabbit was a male.”

Queen Maeve has undergone surgery to be neutered

The animal rescue shelter has received a large number of applications from the public to adopt the giant rabbit, but only a few have been shortlisted.

“We have an awful lot of applications that came in for her so we are no longer looking for homes because we have applications already in place,” said Ms Bird.

“I believe we have got somebody chosen for her, we have a shortlist,” she added.

As a result of the attention towards Queen Maeve, the DSPCA has received a “huge number” of rabbits and guinea pigs being surrendered.

“We have loads and loads of rabbits looking for homes, just normal sized rabbits. We’ve got half a dozen guinea pigs that are available to go straight away too,” said Ms Bird.

“It’s important to remember that a rabbit is not just for Easter,” she added.

The Flemish rabbit is a rare breed in Ireland and grows to about the size of a small dog.