Dolly's not the only golden oldie star

SA 68-year-old lady stealing the show at Glastonbury? Who'd have thought it?
 But that was what occurred last weekend, when country music legend Dolly Parton stepped onto the stage at the UK festival before a massive crowd, many of whom were kitted out with wigs in homage to the diminutive country and western singer.
 Speaking as an auld fella I have to say that it's nice to see that there's still some areas of life where ageism and prejudice don't seem to have taken their toll.
 Of course, Dolly's been a legend for decades - I can remember humming Jolene 40-odd years ago. And the singer's not just a poster girl for the pensioners - she's also a major gay icon too. 
 To be honest I think that being an old perfomer is the latest way of being hip. In fact Dolly wasn't the only 68-year-old woman stealing the show at the festival. Blondie icon Debbie Harry also performed. At this rate they'll need a special septuagenarian stage next year. 
 Speaking modestly, I can tell you that it's talent that gets you to the top, whether you're eight or 80.