'Collins said 'Are you f****ing praying too?''

Voices from The Rising

Michael Collins

Cormac Looney

SOME of those who fought on Moore Street provided these accounts to the Bureau of Military History.

The O'Rahilly drew his heavy automatic pistol and, pointing towards Moore Street, gave the order to charge…We were met by a heavy barrage of rifle and machine gun bullets, and I only got about 30 yards before I was hit and I fell- John Kenny, GPO

I felt very sorry for the people who lived in these houses. By going into them we were bringing death and destruction- James Kavanagh, GPO

On the far side of Moore Street, a British soldier was lying badly wounded…and calling for help…The street was swept with fire from the Parnell Street end [but] George Plunkett took a water-bottle…crossed Moore Street, gave the soldier a drink and then carried him back to our headquarters- Sean Nunan, GPO

The 18th Royal Irish, a regiment of Irish men in the British Army, had shot at everything that moved in the street, and at such short range their shooting was deadly. I saw three men attempting to cross the street killed by three shots,1, 2, 3, like that- James Kavanagh, GPO

During this time in Moore Street Michael Collins was very aggressive and ill- humoured. Some men had built a barricade and he said: 'So-and-so your barricade'. I was resting on the stairs at one period with my head in my hands and Mick said angrily to me: 'Are you f***ing praying too?'- Joe Good, GPO