Caroline holds onto Hollywood dreams and jets back to LA


Former RTE star Caroline Morahan's Hollywood dream is not over just yet.

The Diary can reveal the starlet is due to fly back to the States today - weather permitting -to continue her quest to make it in Tinseltown.

Having returned home for a family visit over the Christmas holidays, the brunette beauty was quick to land a short-term presenting gig with her former employer RTE's main rival, TV3.

But contrary to many people's assumptions, Caroline's was only a flying visit.

Up until now, Caroline's television career had developed on the national broadcaster, where she fronted fashion show Off the Rails for years, before moving on to present Podge and Rodge.

As of next week, Caroline will be gracing the small screen as a co-presenter on the commercial station's new series, entitled The Cosmetic Surgery Show: What A Load Of Botox.

The six part series will see the aspiring actress co-present the show alongside renowned cosmetic surgeon, the star of Dr 90210, Dr Robert Rey.


Caroline and Dr Rey wrapped filming on the show earlier this week and Caroline had just one day to herself before packing for LA.

"All filming was completed over Christmas," said a TV3 representative. "Caroline had just a couple of days free to promote the show before she was due to return to LA.

"I don't know what her plans are from there, as far as I know she won't be returning to Dublin yet," they added.

The show will see Caroline and Dr Rey take an in depth look at cosmetic surgery in Ireland as they follow a different Irish person on their plastic surgery journey each week.

Viewers will witness the person in question go through an individual procedure, the result of which will be revealed in studio.

However unlike controversial make-over programmes such as American series The Swan, which was presented by Amanda Byram, TV3's series will feature non-invasive treatments only, such as dermal fillers, being carried out live in studio.

The presenting gig will mark Caroline's first TV venture since she quit Ireland for a life in the United States last summer.

Most recently the 33-year-old beauty took on the part of Samantha in the short film, Doctor Who, Alternative Empire, alongside Julian Bane, who played the Doctor.


The media personality also took on a small role in Barry Devlin's new film, A Kiss for Jed Wood, which chronicles the story of an Irish girl who wins a reality show and goes out to America to claim a kiss from the Mr Wood of the title.

Caroline will star alongside Jayne Wisener, Lee Arenberg, Jay Thomas and Neil Bedsloe, who plays the part of Jed, with the comedy film expected to go on general release this year.