Cadamstown catch free gift

The pupils of Cadamstown National School, Broadford, Co Kildare enjoyed a post-Christmas surprise.

It saw Edenderry's club community rugby officer Patsy Gorman, through Leinster Rugby, supply teacher Mary Malone and pupils with a free Play Rugby pack.

Ms Gorman has been coaching tag rugby in the school for the past three seasons and this season Ms Malone agreed to participate in the Play Rugby programme.

She will teach rugby skills and tag rugby to boys and girls on days when Ms Gorman is not in school. This will ensure all pupils at the school have the opportunity to participate in the game.

Earlier this season, second- and third-class pupils at Cadamstown won the youngest section of a school tag blitz run by Ms Gorman at Edenderry RFC, and now the enthusiasm of pupils for rugby has been backed by the school and Ms Malone via the Play Rugby programme.

Ms Gorman said: "In the current climate of recession and cutbacks in the public sector, including in education, to have the ability through Leinster Rugby to supply free-of-charge qualified rugby coaching plus a Play Rugby kit containing balls, cones, tags and bibs is a huge asset in supporting schools to implement rugby.

"It helps maintain a constant link between the sport and the school."