Bressie as Bono, eh no, it's more like Bozo I'm afraid

TUT, tut to those readers who claim I'm jealous of Bressie. Ok, I've been mistaken for him a few times, I sing a lot better, although I've to admit I've never played for Leinster!

At the same time the rebranding of Bressie into a serious singer/songwriter who likes to 'keep it real' continues apace.

He criticised reality TV shows such as Come Dine With Me, praising The Voice for its focus on talent rather than appearance, before pouring himself into a tight T-shirt and singing in front of 200 drooling women.

This week, he tried the well-worn rock trick of political activism, using the Festival of Fires in Mullingar to enlighten us with his political insights.

"I don't normally do politics, but this Government is an awful b*******," he exclaimed.

"I want to make an appeal to all you people out there. Don't make the same mistakes we did by voting them in again."

Only problem is, the following day he had to reveal that he was actually talking about the previous Fianna Fail government, and not "this Government".

Bless our Bressie. He tries to be Bono, but comes across more like Bozo.