Am I to blame for Nidge's crimes?

NNext weekend the long-awaited new series of Love/Hate will kick off. You can keep your Downton Abbeys and your Mad Men, the crime show has proven an enormous hit with the public and an outstanding success for RTE. Crime does pay, it seems, as long as it's the drama type on our TV screens. In recent seasons characters like the infamous psycho Nidge, played by Tom Vaughan-Lawlor have become household names. I'm happy to report that I have made some small contribution to the success of the series. At its onset I helped series writer Stuart Carolan flesh out some themes and characters for the show's first season. I hope that my experiences over 24 years as a detective in Dublin's underworld helped to ensure, in some small way, that the depiction of Dublin's gangland scene was somewhat realistic for viewers. It certainly was for me when I saw the finished product. Well done to Stuart and all involved. And now on to the real question: what next for Nidge?