Friday 20 April 2018

O'Neill 'overwhelmed' by show of support

DROGS striker Gary O'Neill says he has been 'overwhelmed' by the support he's received since being diagnosed with testicular cancer.

The 31-year-old is due to undergo surgery this week and will be unable to work for a number of months, and in advance of last Saturday's EA Sports final Drogheda and Shamrock Rovers - one of O'Neill's former clubs - agreed to donate half the prize fund to the player, with the FAI adding a further €5,000.

The PFAI also provided blue armbands for all players, match officials and technical staff in order to raise awareness of male cancer.

In a statement, O'Neill said: 'I am both touched and sincerely appreciative of the incredible support that I have received and continue to receive since the news of my illness emerged.

'I thank above all everyone at my club Drogheda United for the wonderful medical assistance, the friendship and kindness shown to me and my family during this time. I also wish to thank the PFAI for their support. It was very emotional for me to see all the players in the league wearing t-shirts expressing their good wishes last weekend.

'My family and I are overwhelmed by the generous gesture of Drogheda United, Shamrock Rovers and John Delaney. When I was diagnosed and discovered that my work would be affected, one of my first thoughts was how I would support my family.

'I can't put into words how much it means to us to have that major worry removed at a time when I need all my strength to fight this disease. Thank you to all those I have mentioned and to everyone who is supporting me.'

Drogheda Independent