Friday 20 September 2019

Sports Day proves a winner

THE annual Boyne Open Sports Day at Meadowview was another outstanding success, with athletes coming from as far afield as Mullingar, Newry and Dublin to compete against the cream of the local athletics scene.

Results involving athletes from local clubs were as follows: BOYS Tiny tots: 1st Tony Smith, 2nd Daire O'Rourke, 3rd Eric Dvarionas (all Boyne). U-8 60m: 3rd Tom Cummins (Boyne); 200m: 3rd Danny O'Brien (Ardee & Dis). U-9 80m: 1st Jonathan Commins (Ardee & Dis), 2nd Gabriel Bell (St Peter's), 3rd James Martin (Cushinstown); 200m: 1st Jonathan Commins (Ardee & Dis), 2nd Gabriel Bell (St Peter's), 3rd Darragh McCoy (Ardee & Dis). U-10 100m: 1st Kevin Ledwith (Dunleer), 2nd Charlie Keogh (Star of the Sea); 200m: 1st Kevin Ledwith (Dunleer), 2nd Lukas Dvarionas (Boyne). U-11 100m: 1st Cian Cunningham (Star of the Sea); 300m: 1st Cian Cunningham (Star of the Sea), 2nd David Conlon (Ardee & Dis). U-12 100m: 3rd Rory Meehan (Dunleer); Long jump: 2nd Rory Meehan (Dunleer). U-13 100m: 1st Keith Marks (Cushinstown), 2nd Shane Cheshire (Dunleer); 600m: 3rd Keith Marks (Cushinstown); Shot put: 1st Cian Commins (Ardee & Dis). U-14 100m: 1st Caoilte Hickey (St Peter's), 2nd Aonghus Meehan ( Dunleer), 3rd Noel Crosby (Boyne); 600m: 1st Mark Rogers (St Peter's), 2nd Aonghus Meehan (Dunleer), 3rd Noel Crosby (Boyne); Long jump: 1st Keith Marks (Cushinstown), 2nd Aonghus Meehan ( Dunleer), 3rd Nathan McGreehan (Boyne), 4th Noel Crosby (Boyne). U-15 600m: 1st Robert Tully (Star of the Sea). U-16 100 & 200m: 2nd Patrick Duff (Ardee & Dis). Junior 100m: 1st David Sheeran (Boyne), 2nd Adrian Ruddy (Ardeer & Dis); 1500m: 1st David Sheeran (Boyne), 2nd Adrian Ruddy (Ardee & Dis). GIRLS Tiny tots: 1st Nicole Kirwan (Boyne), 2nd Deirdre Keogh (Star of the Sea). U-8 60m: 2nd Nicole Kirwan (Boyne); 200m: 2nd Nicole Kirwan (Boyne). U-9 80m: 3rd Biljana Stjepanovic (Boyne); 200m: 3rd Keeva O'Dowd (Boyne). U-10 100m: 1st Emma Cheshire (Dunleer), 2nd Niamh Tenanty (Ardee & Dis); 200m: 1st Emma Cheshire ( Dunleer), 3rd Aoife Reynolds (Dunleer). U-11 100m: 3rd Emily Hyland (Boyne)' 300m: 3rd Emily Hyland. U-12 100m: 1st Nikayla Hamill ( St Peter's), 2nd Orlaith McMahon ( St Peter's). 300m: 3rd Nikayla Hamill (St Peter's); Long jump: 1st Orlaith McMahon (St Peter's), 2nd Aoife Kelly (Dunleer), 3rd Nikayla Hamill (St Peter's). U-13 100m: 2nd Elizabeth Bell ( St Peter's), 3rd Vicky Markey (Boyne); Shot put: 1st Eimear O'Rourke, 2nd Amy Hylan, 3rd Vickey Markey (all Boyne). U-14 100m: 2nd Amy McTeggart (Boyne), 3rd Megan Finnegan (St Peter's); 600m: 1st Amy McTeggart (Boyne); Long jump: 1st Amy McTeggart (Boyne), 2nd Megan Finnegan (St Peter's). U-15 100m: 1st Laura Kelly (Boyne), 2nd Aoife Donnelly (Ardee & Dis), 3rd Ashleigh McCabe (Boyne). 600m: 2nd Aoife Donnelly (Ardee & Dis). U-16 100m: 1st Lisa Barry (Boyne), 2nd Muireann Khan (Boyne), 3rd Hazel McGuinness (Ardee & Dis); 600m: 1st Hazel McGuinness (Ardee & Dis), 2nd Muireann Khan (Boyne). RELAYS U-11 mixed: 1st Ardee & Dis, 2nd Dunleer, 4th Boyne; U-13 girls: 2nd Dunleer; U-15 girls: 2nd Boyne; U-9 boys: 1st Ardee & Dis, 3rd Boyne; U-13 boys: 2nd Ardee, 3rd Boyne; U-15 boys: 1st Dunleer.