Saturday 21 April 2018

Keeper feels the first 25 minutes were key

UNDERSTANDABLY, Meath players willing to talk following such a pasting by their fiercest rivals were scarce after the match, but keeper Paddy O'Rourke did give his reaction to the heavy defeat.

'It's hard to put into words, how we are feeling in the dressing-room after that. We have been training, building up for this since November, back in pre-season and through the league, Carlow and Kildare.

'I suppose it was probably built up a bit in the media over the last two weeks. I suppose there was going to be a sting in the tail, considering the work Dublin had done on us. They were prepared physically and mentally, they were tuned in to give their best performance of the summer so far and when they do that they are a formidable opponent.

'They took scores and got into a bit of a lead there. Then the first goal came and they just seemed to kick on. We couldn't put our possession into scores in the crucial first 20, 25 minutes when we needed to be in the game.

'I suppose, being nine points down at half-time it was a case of digging deep and hoping that we would build on the first couple of attacks and maybe get a couple of goals, but that didn't happen unfortunately and the second half just played itself out.'

Drogheda Independent