Wednesday 24 April 2019

Greater resources needed, says Royals boss

Meath manager Brian Farrell didn't mince his words as he called on the powers that be in the county to up the ante regarding underage football following Saturday's humiliating 12 point defeat to Dublin in the under-20 Leinster semi-final.

Farrell said that greater resources needed to be pumped in if the county are to have a chance of competing with the likes of Dublin.

The former senior intercounty star who was appointed to the under-20 role at the start of the year said following the defeat: 'You ask for something and you are told no, you are told no the whole time.

You are crying for something, we just seem to be asking and asking and the answer is always no.

'That is a part of the job that I didn't enjoy. There is not a support network in place at the moment for those lads.

I just think resources have to be pumped into our underage football, we will see the reward but we have to be so patient with it.

'There is a myth there that resources are being pumped in but personally I think they can be much better.

It is like a business model, you have to look down the ladder and invest good people into it and you'll see rewards at the end of the day.

'There definitely should be better coaches employed, there are lots of people around the county, really good coaches and I think they have to be approached and brought in and looked after and nurtured to bring these lads forward.

I also think that if resources are not being put in lads can see it, they are brainy individuals, intelligent guys, we don't want our underage footballers thinking that they don't have resources, that they don't have support.

'It has got better, and the network has got better and I am new to this and maybe I am a demanding person but there are ways that we can look after our underage system better, and it has nothing to do what happened out there today.

Farrell revealed that between 10 and 15 players asked to join the under-20 setup at the start of the campaign had declined for one reason or another.

'If there is an issue there we address it, if there is a problem we fix it.

There is some sort of an issue there,' he continued.

'I don't know if you can blame the resources for players walking away, I suppose a study has to be done why lads are walking away.

Maybe its because Dublin is so strong in Leinster and they feel that it is going to take a lot of sacrifices and maybe they are not going to achieve in their careers because there is such a dominant team in Leinster.

But we have to get our best players on the pitch at senior level, at under 20, at every level.'

Drogheda Independent