Sunday 19 January 2020

Overflowing bottle banks cause issues

Hubert Murphy

People who left their empty bottles at the overflowing bottle bank in Dunleer now face being fined.

Last weekend, would-be recyclers arrived at the bottle bank beside the library, only to discover a mass of bottles and bins full to the brim.

Some felt they were doing their duty by leaving the bottles for collection beside the facility, but those that that did now face the prospect of being fined by the council if caught on camera.

Cathaoirleach of the area council Dolores Minogue said it was a two-fold problem.

'The council should be aware that there is a high volume of bottles at this time of year and the bins should be cleared out on a more regular basis.

'But people can't just leave their bottles on the ground. It is classed as littering and if caught on camera, they'll be fined,' she warned.

'This is something that has come up in the past and while the council need to monitor their collections, leaving empty bottles beside the bins is not the answer.'

She said that similiar incidents had taken place in Ardee where bottles were left after the bins were full, and fines were issued.

'There is CCTV at many of the bottle banks and the council take action against people as a result.

'We have a new estate coming on stream for Dunleer shortly and that will mean even more people recycling. How we manage the bins and how often they are collected is something that must be looked at,' she added.

Drogheda Independent