Friday 24 November 2017

Touching story of Eucharistic faith

Dear Sir, How can I invite anyone to visit their local adoration chapel and pray for all their needs. Can I tell you a story?


It happened in China where the church was being persecuted. A parish priest was arrested and his church desecrated and he was put in jail. The jail he was put in was beside his former church. He noticed that every evening a little girl would enter the church and having prayed for some time she would bend down and take in her mouth one of the Hosts that were scattered around.

This went on until the last Host was consumed, but as she was leaving the church she was spotted by a policeman who attacked her and battered her to death.

Bishop Fulton Sheen was so overcome by the story that he promised to make a Holy Hour every day as long as he lived.

It would be a great thing if anyone would be encouraged by this story to visit Our Lord.


A Drogheda Independent reader.

Drogheda Independent

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