Friday 24 November 2017

Rihanna's rekindled romance sends out dangerous message

SO SINGING sensation Rihanna has not only taken back the man who left her beaten and bloody four years ago, but she made a huge show of supporting him at a recent court appearance.

Why, I hear you ask, am I bringing this up?

Well ordinarily I couldn't give a tinker's curse with whom a celebrity chooses to share toothpaste, never mind whether they decide to reunite or not.

But in this case, this very foolish young lady is putting her own selfish needs over what is best for the fans - many barely in their teens - who have made her so famous.

She says it is none of anyone's business if she chooses to forgive and forget a thug who used his fists to show what he thought of her, but when she is such a high-profile role model for young girls, this is a dangerous message to be sending out.

My mum, God rest her soul, always said 'the first time a man hits you should be the last time he ever gets the chance to be that close'.

And I agree.

A man who will beat up a woman once, will do it again, and while it is not the woman's fault the first time, if she gives him another chance, well, it is her own conscience she has to examine.

I know emotions can be powerful drug, and if children are involved, it is much more difficult.

Spend a few hours in the Drogheda Womens' Refuge Centre and you will see what devastation can be wreaked from staying in an abusive relationship, and the amazing work the staff do there to pick up the pieces once you finally have the courage to leave.

I for one am concerned what my own 10-year-old daughter will glean from such a successful, independent woman as Rihanna so easily fooled by the man responsible for black eyes and split lips.

Who are the role models for young girls or women at the moment?

Popular culture is pushing the sort of vacuous bimbos who marry men more often than they change the the colour of their hair.

The most watched programmes on telly all favour the short-cut route to success, with any suggestion of having to work for what you want a boring waste of time.

I hope my own daughter is intelligent enough to know that even famous talented singers can make monumental mistakes, and she knows that if a man ever so much as lifted his hand to her, well, it'd be the sorriest day of his life.

Drogheda Independent

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