Thursday 18 January 2018

Poor water quality widespread

Dear Sir,

There are many complaints of low water pressure in many estates in Drogheda such as Harmony Heights, College Rise areas of Drogheda and South Louth.

I came accross a family household of six and only one can have a shower a day, another household only a trickle of water to fill their kettle, also discolouration of water & poor water quality. Many also complained they have to boil their water and have to buy water for drinking as they feel the water is not safe to drink.

Louth Local Authority need to rectify these matters before the people would be asked to pay water charges, I believe if you have poor water quality you shouldn't have to pay the water charge. I will be fighting their corner on this issue at council level.


Cllr Frank Godfrey

Drogheda Independent

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