Friday 20 April 2018

Parking for Beechgrove residents needed

Cllr Tommy Byrne at the location at Beechgrove.
Cllr Tommy Byrne at the location at Beechgrove.

Open letter to Pat Finn, engineer,

A very dangerous situation has arisen, just beyond the roundabout at Beechgrove.

I welcome the roundabout, however, homeowners with cars are taking their lives in their hands by trying to park their cars outside their homes.

Proper provision requires to be made for homeowners at Beechwood and this very small area should be designated car parking for residents only.

The parking space available currently is so minimal there is no room whatsoever for all-day parking.

The situation is extremely dangerous with the ongoing busy traffic off the roundabout and unless immediate action is taken, I am afraid of an accident occurring.


Cllr. Tommy Byrne

Drogheda Independent