Tuesday 24 October 2017

Letters: The Bottom Road in Oldbridge needs to stay two-way

Dear Sir,

Meath County Council proposes to make the Bottom Road in Oldbridge a one-way system.

This, it appears to me, is an Irish solution to an Irish problem – or, worse, a solution to a problem that does not exist.

The Bottom Road can remain two-way and still accommodate pedestrians and cyclists. By changing the system, unbearable pressure will be brought to bear on feeder roads. I refer in particular to the Donore and Sheephouse roads. Flea Lane and sections of the Sheephouse Road are all barely negotiable by traffic as it stands.

I suspect there will be strong opposition to this road closure and I understand residents are to seek a meeting with planners before a general meeting of all residents. I suspect this story will run for quite a while.


A concerned resident,

Oldbridge, Drogheda

Drogheda Independent