Monday 18 December 2017

Letters: Our fishermen don't get credit they deserve

Clogherhead, home to a great fishing fleet.
Clogherhead, home to a great fishing fleet.

Dear Sir,

I would like to highlight the plight of our fishermen, who I believe don't get the credit they deserve.

I did a spell on the boats myself and it took a week to get used to the stench when the nets came up from the water. I decided to head off to the Indian Ocean instead.

But when you see the end product you don't realise the effort that it takes. The likes of the fish shop on Laurence's Street is so clean and Paddy and Phil do a great job there.

When the skippers leave Clogherhead, they forget about sleep and hit some of the worst weather imaginable.

But the issue of the European quota just angers me – perfectly good fish having to be thrown back in, because of a decision in Brussels.

What a waste! This supply could feed a nation that needs food, even if it were processed in Clogherhead, and then sent off.

Great men like Luke Sharkey, Michael Kirwan, Cecil Sharkey, Barry Faulkner, Declan Levins, Colbert Healy, Terry Butterly, David Sharkey and Oliver Tallon and Thomas Tallon have served the trade well down the years.

There's also the old story: if a skipper met a red haired woman on the way to Clogherhead Pier, pictured below, he would surely return from the sea.


Des Reynolds,


Drogheda Independent

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