Tuesday 16 January 2018

Letters: Keeping an eye on progress in Drogheda

Work took place at the top of Grove Hill.
Work took place at the top of Grove Hill.

Dear Sir,

Reading the Diary page on March 27, I noticed the photo of The Thatch, then and now. It seems it is just going to fall down.

The present derelict building is an eyesore and and is serving no function at all and is now probably dangerous.

Sadly this is a fact of life and this city must progress. John Street was knocked down in its entirity in the name of progress for the City of Drogheda. All the thatched houses that stood on Scarlet Street including Tommy Hanratty's thatched pub knocked down in my lifetime. Let the thatch die with dignity.

Recently, also in the Diary, you mentioned the problem of blocked road gullies and drains and how they were maintained. This made me wonder. If you walk up to the Thatch, you'll walk by a stone wall outside the former Roadstone concrete plant, just past Watery Hill steps.

Along this wall is a four-inch-wide strip grating drain to catch the water that almost constantly runs off the wall.

I came to live in Ballsgrove in 1965 and in all those years I have never seen any maintainence take place on the strip drain in question, which is full of silt and scum of all kinds. This is causing the obvious flow of water across the path and so dangerous in a frosty spell.

All this is for the want of the use of a pressure washer to blast the dirt out of the drain to allow the water flow away, thus avoiding the dangers of frost.

Regarding the pothole watch: last week a crew of workmen and machines were working at the top of Grove Hill. They dug some holes on the footpath and one particularly neat two foot square hole which was cut by a concrete saw.

The holes were filled back in.

Now, all this was done and yet 10ft away a large one and half foot square section of the same roadway is missing, creating a major four-inch-deep pothole. This was ignored, despite the tarmac and machinery being so close.

No Irish solution for this Irish problem it would seem. Any initiative?


Jim Brady,

Ballsgrove, City of Drogheda

Drogheda Independent

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