Tuesday 20 February 2018

'Laity Sunday' should mark anniversary of Mass Boycott

Dear Sir,

Soon it will be the anniversary of the Mass Boycott (26th September 2010) proposed by Jennifer Sleeman.

Not only was there support for the boycott, but a further campaign of sending periodic messages to Cardinal Brady arose directly from this. Many others wore green ribbons to Mass on the day of the boycott to show their support.

It is fitting that this first anniversary should be marked. Many Church leaders, according to recent Church reports, appear to have learnt nothing.

This failure on the part of the leaders does not mean that the laity, who form the greater part of the Church, have failed.

The action of Ms. Sleeman, and others who supported her, have shown the laity acting in accordance with the spirit and thrust of the Second Vatican Council, as the People of God.

It might be appropriate to name the Sunday nearest the anniversary of the boycott Laity Sunday.

People could wear a green ribbon to register their dissatisfaction with the current leadership if attending Mass. A postcard to Cardinal Brady would not go amiss either. The Irish hierarchy needs to realise that those who have objections and concerns count themselves amongst the faithful People of God and their voices will be heard.

It is totally out of our control as to whether they acknowledge our existence but as the political cliché says ' we have not gone away you know'.

Yours etc Jackie Minnock Crossabeagh, Knockbridge Dundalk

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