Tuesday 16 January 2018

Interfering with God's plan

Dear Editor, There's a lot of talk now about 'gay rights' (Late Late Show, February 1). It saddened me greatly that God didn't get a mention.


It seems that gay people are pushing for marriage and are not satisfied with 'civil partnership'. I'm no theologian that I gather that God's plan in marriage was that male and female should procreate and have children – that's what keeps the human race going!

With all their best intensions, and loving kindness, gay people interfering with God's plan for marriage is wrong. Call it 'civil partnership', or whatever you choose, but it's not marriage in God's eyes.

We must speak up and defend our values. To abandon God's ways, to follow the crowd, to stay silent, is wrong. Even though we fall for shout of God's best plan for marriage, it's arrogant of us to try to change it, it would be desecration.


A Drogheda Independent reader

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Drogheda Independent

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