Monday 20 November 2017

Don't judge those with disability travel passes

Dear Sir, IN response to Fr Michael Commane's column (DI March 7, 'Free travel on trains is too generous') regarding 'free disability travel passes.

I was appalled to read how a man of God, who is supposed to have compassion for people, could write about people with disabilities.

What does he know about the man who has a stab wound to his neck and received a bus pass? He may have some disability.

I myself have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and soon to have the tests to see if I have Parkinson's Disease also. I live on a disability pension and a bus pass. To look at me, you would not know.

Fr Commane does not have to keep a home, pay bills and now we have to pay €100 property tax. Do you Father?

Now you want to introduce a charge on free travel? Shame on you!

I am a widow, my pension is the only income I have, and I also attend four major hospitals.

If I could work, I would be very happy to work.

Open your eyes Father and take a real look at people instead of judging them. It takes a lot to deal with a disability without someone looking down on those with MS as scroungers.

There are over 470 people in the north east region with MS that we know of and maybe more because they are scared or afraid to come forward.

Reach out and touch and help people Father as the Lord God has taught you and us all to do, and maybe our world would be a better place.

Yours, Drogheda Independent reader, Name and Address with Editor.

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