Tuesday 20 February 2018

Do something now with this junction

Cllr Byrne with residents at the junction.
Cllr Byrne with residents at the junction.

Open letter to Area Engineer Mr Pat Finn

Dear Sir,

I am calling on Drogheda Borough Council to immediately implement safety measures at the Francis Street-Chord Road junction.

The stop sign is in a very poorly located and too high up. The sign should be larger and moved further back, possibly to the opposite side. New slow road markings are also essential coming down Francis Street, before the stop sign. The sign is virtually on top of pedestrians and its frightening when cars stop so close to them.

A number of motorists, however, do not stop at the junction. There are hundreds of pedestrians including young mothers with prams and old-age pensioners who cross here everyday. I am very fearful of a serious accident here – hence the call for immediate action by Drogheda borough Council. There were a number of near misses in the past week or so.

Yours faithfully,

Cllr Tommy Byrne, Member of Louth County Council

Drogheda Independent

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