Saturday 16 December 2017

Details of those who came back from Great War

Dear Sir, I AM undertaking a project to gather the service details of everyone who returned home alive from World War 1 in time for the centenary of the war in 2014.

I have carried out research and discovered there is no comprehensive list of those who returned home following World War 1.

It is estimated about 100,000-150,000 returned home to Ireland following World War 1.

My interest came about from my Grand Aunt Elizabeth O'malley who volunteered in World War 1 and who returned home.

I would be grateful if any of your readers who may have had relatives or who might be aware of persons who returned home to send us their service details to PO Box 12186 Blackrock County Dublin.

The website gives further details of the project. Yours sincerely, Sabina Purcell PO Box 12186

Blackrock County Dublin

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