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Clare Cunningham is an inspiration for so many


Inspirational: Clare Cunningham

Inspirational: Clare Cunningham

Inspirational: Clare Cunningham


If we were all a little bit more like Clare Cunningham, we'd have a lot more peace in our lives.

The Collon singer/songwriter was featured in the popular 'Marquee Backstage' TV series in America recently and gave a really incisive interview about life on the road really.

She left home at a young age and then headed to Britan and then Sweden and now home is in Nashville, Tenn.

The one thing with Clare you get is honesty and that comes through in her remarkable writing.

Some of her words tell the tale of a woman with a goal, 'I'll take a bullet for a thousand lives...my motto is follow a passion, not a pay cheque....Money comes and goes, but your integrity stays so how you are presented as a person to people is what they are going to remember....I want people to feel something when they hear my story.'

She sings from the heart and not just what people want to hear, the story is what makes you what you are.

Being in the performing business, people will always ask about what you want to do next, what the future holds, what next, and next and next.

But Clare takes a very measured approach to it all - if ever a quote suited her life, it's 'there is no timeframe to success'.

Clare has had to overcome her own 'beasts' in her life, but she's doing fine and doing what she wants, serving others through her music. We always look back, but this lady has eyes on the present.

On a less deeper note, she has taken up the quite remarkable art of barefoot running - through the streets of Nashville!

'I have the one and only Mark Borchetta (EVP Big Machine) to thank for getting me into barefoot running. We were chatting health and nutrition, and Mark told me he runs barefoot. He taught me about the many health benefits. I tried it out and really got into it. I love it. (Although with all the work going on in the streets of Nashville, it has led to some cut up feet which aren't too pretty!),' she stated in a recent Stateside interview. 'While barefoot running per se doesn't help with performing, running does improve the cardiovascular system which in turn has enormous benefits for singing and breath control.'

And on the performing end of things, the former St Oliver's CC student has been again nominated for this years International Singer-Songwriters Association (ISSA) awards.

She took home silver last year for 'Songwriter of the year' and voting is online.