Thursday 22 March 2018

Bring us sunshine, not a disgusting mess

Bettystown Beach should always be kept clean.
Bettystown Beach should always be kept clean.

Dear Sir,

We all love to see the good weather coming, and as I have lived in Bettystown for many years, there is nowhere nicer to enjoy the sunshine during the summer.

However, much as we love to see everyone coming to enjoy the beach and sea, what all the residents agree on is we don't love to see the disgusting mess left behind after they leave.

Last weekend, both beaches, at Laytown and Bettystown, were left in the most disgusting state, one of the worst I have seen for years.

Nappies, broken glass, food, you name it, it was discarded all over the sand and in the dunes.

You could actually see people throwing rubbish out the windows of their cars as they left the beach, expecting everyone else to pick up their filth for them.

Meath County Council did have staff working in the days to follow to restore it to the way it should look, and I also have to commend two teenagers I saw who were picking rubbish up on the Monday and Tuesday mornings.

There is a voluntary group which also does trojan work to keep the beach tidy, but those who come to visit need to take some responsibility, and leave this valuable amenity the way they found it.

They will probably complain there aren't enough bins, but no amount would be enough for some people's mess!

The visitors all arrived in cars, they could easily pack up their rubbish and bring it home in the boot.

By all means come an enjoy our beautiful beach should the sun shine again, but please respect it, and bring your rubbish home!

Yours sincerely

Bridie Farrell


Drogheda Independent