Friday 19 January 2018

Avoid adulterated food by buying Irish

Dear Sir, I have always believed that food products have been adulterated. This has now been borne out, unfortunately.


As a renowned food producer, why do we have to import chickens from Thailand, beef from Brazil, strawberries from Israel?

But we must not waste a good crisis. We are blessed that we have superb farms on our doorstep, craft butchers and greengrocers which enables us to ascertain the provence of various products.

There can be a twofold benefit. It will generate much-needed business for butchers and greengrocers. It will also help to arrest the march of obesity which will cost this country dear in the long term. So, dear reader, get out and spend locally. There could also be an employment boost.


Paul Lynch,


Co. Meath

Drogheda Independent

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