Wednesday 17 January 2018

A junction that's from another age

Roundabout would solve problem

The area at Greenhills that needs a roundabout.
The area at Greenhills that needs a roundabout.

I WAS driving down the North Strand last week, past the imposing port buildings on the right, under the viaduct and down by Donor's Green, and then headed left at Ushers.

There was a car in front of me and he clearly wanted to take the right up to Greenhills school direction, as he immediately indicated.

But he cut the corner slightly and there was a car coming down from Greenhills.

Thankfully, brakes applied by both parties saw them prevent a collision.

In truth, the junction is a nightmare.

The area is pretty busy with schools and whatever, yet the junction is from another age.

The simple thing is surely a small roundabout ( not one of the €200,000 ones!).

The room is there and I think it would be a big safety addition.

There's one at Lower Termonfeckin and it works very well.

Staying in the Greenhills/ Baltray locality, a reader has been in touch to say that the stretch from Drogheda to Baltray is a nightmare to drive and he's not too far off the mark.

Hedges and grass have not been cut in quite a while and the overgrowth is creeping onto the road.

Long time resident Ultan Brannigan said it's a real danger with cars venturing out into the middle of the road to avoid clipping branches.

'At times you can't even see cars coming around the bend and there are some bad bends on the stretch,' he explained.

'I think it's a disgrace the way it's kept. There's people coming from all over the world to play golf at Baltray, so it's not a great introduction.'

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