Thursday 22 February 2018

50 shades of special at Our Lady of Lourdes

Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital.
Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital.

Dear Sir,

How very often do we read about the HSE,

And most of what is written is filled with negativity.

My story tells a different tale about the work they do,

Our Lady of Lourdes angels, who help folk like me and you.

While rushing for the bus to work, I had an awful fall.

Two strangers helped and then one more, and he called an ambulance.

He said his name was David and that he was a nurse.

All three men were very kind to me and I felt so reassured.

The ambulance arrived for me and I was mortified.

Those gentle men lifted me up and placed me safe inside.

They took me to the A&E a very busy place

Where staff there carry out their work with patience, love and grace.

No matter what they're faced with, their care it shines through.

A smile upon each face you see, there's nothing they wont do.

So tired at the end of the day but still they make the time

To wish you well and tell you that your going to be just fine.

From A+E to the first floor east , more angels wait to greet you

And tuck you in so warm and snug just like your mother would do.

Then onto theatre to fix my fractured hip

And lots of anaesthetic to help me get some rest.

The surgeon was so handsome and so were all his team.

Surrounded by good looking men, it's every woman's dream!

They put three screws inside my hip so I could dance again

And treated me so kindly, these handsome gentle men.

I woke up in recovery, so glad I wasn't dead.

I think the drugs they gave me had gone straight to my head!

Then it was back to the first floor where they looked after me.

Here I was treated with respect and the utmost dignity

No matter what I needed, whatever I asked for.

They sought to meet my every need, I couldn't have asked for more.

Those lovely dinner ladies, they kept on feeding me.

I used to be a size zero and now im a size 23!

The physios they helped me walk, and every day they came

So I could move round quicker upon my zimmerframe.

The occupational therapy, they really helped me to

Find novel and exciting ways to use the loo!

A team of of special people that work on all these floors,

We may not often hear of them but they exist for sure.

A heartfelt thanks to all of you and what you did for me.

You're fifty shades of special, shine on, the HSE.


Marian Clarke,


Drogheda Independent

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