Thursday 26 April 2018

Writer Clare just loves her food


Credit: Jimmy Weldon

Alison COMYN

SHE'S been a food and travel writer on the far side of the Atlantic, but now San Franciscan Clare Kleinedler has made Drogheda her home, and you could find yourself her next topic!

The American scribe fell for the charms of Boyneside living when she visited friends in Collon last year, and will document her new life this side of the world on her blog An American in Ireland.

'I used to live with two Irish people in San Francisco, and they extended the usual invitation for me to visit them when they were back in Collon, but I actually took them up on it,' she laughs.

'When I decided I wanted a change, I knew it was going to be a move to Drogheda as I just love the place, the way you can walk everywhere really easily, and leave the cars at home, not like in LA, where everyone uses their cars to drive 100 yards.'

She has enjoyed peoplewatching since she's been here (she loves the way everyone waves to each other!), but her main focus will be on local food.

'My passion is food and writing about it, which I still do for an American magazine, but I really want to learn how to cook traditional Irish dishes like bacon and cabbage, and brown bread,' she says.

'I'm hoping to contact local cheesemakers and artisan food producers and feature them, and I'm fascinated with the idea of butchers' shops, something you'd never see anymore in America.'

Clare's parents Walt and Mariko are hoping to visit at Christmas time, with a trip by her twin sister Anne and husband John due within months.

Clare is also looking forward to her first 'real' Paddy's Day in Ireland, and trying to keep up with her Irish mates in the pint stakes.

'I was in Michigan last year, and it was wild, but I've heard they're more subdued here,' Clare says with a smile.

'I'm looking forward to meeting more people, and maybe learning a few more recipies too.'

You can follow Clare's adventures in Drogheda on