Monday 19 February 2018

Woodlands estate a credit to residents

IF EVERY estate in the county had a residents group like Woodlands in Dunleer, we wouldn't have any problems.

For years the estate needed a real injection of people power. Pathways were not fixed, ugly hoardings dominated, half finished houses, lack of proper lighting and a nightmare exit and entrance onto a busy road with a blind hill.

But recent years has seen a great shift in the whole thing. Work has been ongoing for over a year now on cleaning up the sites.

The council has taken over homes at the top of the estate and will be fitting them out for use.

New public lighting is being erected and work is taking place on the wall at the entrance to help sight lines.

I also believe there will be some kind of boundary between Woodlands and Rivervale. The only one I can see at the moment is that terrible ramp when you are driving between the two estates.

Drogheda Independent

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