Friday 19 July 2019

Walkway planned for banks of the Boyne

A major project is to begin by the banks of the Boyne with a rejuvenated walkway from Dominick's Park to the Boyne Cable Bridge.

'I have been working with staff in Louth County Council on addressing the lack of investment in this part of town. It is a beautiful area along the Boyne River that can provide enjoyment to townspeople if there is proper facilities in place. Staff in the council examined the area and developed a plan to bring rejuvenate the area.

' The next stage involved sourcing finance to put the plan into action. I am happy to say that staff in Louth County Council have secured a significant sum of money to create a walkway from Dominick's Park to the Cable Bridge,' Cllr Pio Smith stated.

"The next stage is to finalise the design and put the plan out to tender. I expect this work to be completed within the next six weeks. Hopefully the actual work will will commence sometime around late September, early October and be completed before the end of the year.

'This work when completed will be a positive contribution to the wellbeing of people in the town and staff in Louth County Council are to be congratulated on their committment to this project."

Drogheda Independent