Monday 19 February 2018

Two new Sinn Fein councillors selected for Dundalk South

Sinn Fein's councillors to represent Dundalk South Ruairí O Murchú, Anne Campbell and Cllr Tomas Sharkey.
Sinn Fein's councillors to represent Dundalk South Ruairí O Murchú, Anne Campbell and Cllr Tomas Sharkey.

Louth Sinn Féin held a convention last week to formally nominate two new representatives to replace councillors Kevin Meenan and Jennifer Green, who are standing down.

Cllr Kevin Meenan who stood down for health reasons will be replaced by Bay Estate man Ruairí O Murchú. Ruairí attended the Gael Scoil in Muirhevnamor and then St. Joseph's NS where his father, Gerry Murphy, was principal.

Ruairí is married to Annemarie and is father to two sons and a stepson. He has worked in several positions for Sinn Féin both locally and regionally and is presently with the party's election department.

Although he labels himself a novice, Ruairí is passionate about sports and enjoys boxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, kick-boxing, running and mountain walking.

He is committed to the core Sinn Féin principles of Irish unity and creating a more just and equal society for all. He is a dedicated political activist who aims to listen to and serve the community and to continue the work on the ground of Cllr Meenan.

Jennifer Green also stood down from her role as councillor to focus on her family. Speaking on Tuesday, she said: 'Since I stood for election in 2014 I have had my third child. I feel I need to focus on and devote more time to my children. I feel I would be doing the people of Dundalk South a disservice if I couldn't devote my full attention to constituency work. I am delighted to nominate Anne and I know she will be a fantastic asset to the team'.

Jennifer will be replaced by Anne Campbell. She is originally from Coalisland in Co Tyrone and has been living in Dundalk for over 20 years. She is married to Laurence and they have two sons aged nine and seven. Her parents currently reside in Ravensdale and she is the eldest of six children.

Anne's name will be familiar to those in Dundalk as she worked for the Democrat, the Irish Star and more recently The Argus.

Through her journalism work Anne has built up a wide range of contacts in many walks of life; business, the public sector, health, the community and voluntary sector. She has developed a knowledge in a wide range of aspects of the town particularly the criminal justice system in which she retains a deep interest.

Anne said she has helped many people over the years sometimes by printing their stories but more often than not, helping them get in touch with those in authority or asking questions on their behalf. It is this aspect of her work that Anne enjoyed most and will help her in her constituency work as a councillor.

Anne said she wants to help build a new Ireland where people without a voice will be heard and it will be an equal society where everyone is included.

John Mulligan, Editor of The Argus, remarked, 'Anne has been a truly dedicated and professional journalist in The Argus for over ten years and in that time has been a valuable member of the editorial team and a much respected colleague.

'We wish her well in her new role and her daily contribution to life in the office, professionally and personally, will be missed by all.

'Anne will commence her work as a councillor when she officially takes her seat at the monthly meeting of Louth County Council on Monday, September 18.

She will continue as a staff journalist in The Argus until her resignation takes effect on Friday, September 15.

'Her weekly column, was always a must-read, entertaining and witty, it was a perfect pick-me-up in the middle of the production week as the last pages of the next edition were being finalised.'

Anne said: 'I have really enjoyed my time in the Argus and thanks to everyone who has wished me well'.

Drogheda Independent

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