Wednesday 22 January 2020

Two new screens for town centre cinema on way

Louth County Council planners believe that two new cinema screens at the existing Town Centre cinema will add to the 'range and diversity of uses' within Drogheda Town centre.

They say permission granted recently for the development to Level 3 of the existing shopping centre/cinema is 'vital to the sustainability and functionality of the cinema'.

The additional cinema screens (169sqm and 148 sqm respectively) will also feature two new emergency escape stair cores (Stairs 9 and 10) and associated circulation corridors from Level 1 car park to Level 3 cinema.

The total increase in floor space as a result of the proposed development is 800 sqm.

The internal changes at Level 1 involve removal of 4 no. parking spaces to accommodate new bin store and proposed stairs. Level 2 revisions require minor reduction in Unit 12 to accommodate proposed Stairs 10.

There will be a total of 131 extra cinema seats as a result.

Drogheda Independent