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Trevor was a scholar and environmental campaigner

Trevor Murtagh

1985 - 2014

TREVOR MURTAGH, Strand Road, Annagassan, Dunleer, Co. Louth, who died suddenly on September 23rd had a profound influence on all that knew him and had a positive energy that will never be forgotten.

Trevor was the only child of Seamus and Carole Murtagh, Annagassan. He had attended Dundalk Grammar School and graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a B.A in Philosophy and Political Science and an M.Phil in Psychoanalytical Studies.

Trevor had a passion and thirst for knowledge unequalled amongst his peers, spoke with an enthusiasm that was infectious, and had a powerful energy that enlightened the lives of those around him in a very profound way. Trevor always had a deep and penetrating positive influence on people, and was an encouraging figure in the lives of many. An extraordinarily selfless and giving force, Trevor had helped many people through difficult times in their lives.

He was a people-person; he was a great man for meeting strangers, making them feel comfortable and introducing them to the rest of his group, expanding circles of friendship. His openness, kindness and fun-seeking spirit led to the growth of a network of friends in love with each others' company, companionship, interests, and fun.

Based on these ideals, and the circle of expanding friendships he had created, he founded a network of friends communicating through mediums such as facebook that would meet up at events, gigs, and festivals.

He was heavily involved in the Louth Environmental Group. He was an ever - present community-service volunteer who was always prepared, at short notice, to get 'togged-out' and 'stuck-in' at such hard physical labour efforts as the Dundalk to Blackrock coastal public walkway maintenance/Dundalk and Environs Flood-risk Mitigation project or two 'search and rescue' estuary slipway projects. Trevor was continually furthering the 'sustainable living' agenda of the Louth Environmental Group by researching similar projects worldwide as well as at home.

Trevor's other main interests were the examination of how society should address gambling addiction (on which he was preparing a paper), and the ineptitude of the banking system revealed by the collapse of Ireland's property market, which caused an epidemic of mortgage-related dilemmas throughout the country.

Trevor is survived by his father and mother, his grandparents, close family members and friends. Trevor's body was reposed at his home, his remains were taken to St. Brigid's Church, Dunleer, where a wonderful, passionate, and emotional Requiem Mass was celebrated by Rev Akaninyene Pius Ekpe, assisted by the very Rev Thomas Daly and Rev Seán Quinn. Affectionate and heart-felt Eulogies were given by his close family and friends Alex Workman, Jon-Paul Faulkner, Sally Spearman, Cliona Good, Orla Gilheany, Paddy Lynn, Clare O'Connor, Eugene Dooley, Brian Dooley, and Trevor's father Seamus Murtagh.

Readings were given by cousins Josh Rafferty and Tristan Graves-McKeown. The Offertory Gifts were presented by friends and cousins. Songs were beautifully preformed by soloist Ruth Kelly.

After the Mass, burial took place in Kilsaran Cemetery, and the body was laid to rest accompanied by a rendition of 'Oh Danny Boy' performed by Eugene Ginnity. After the burial, family and friends gathered together in a beautiful celebration of Trevor's life, and as night fell 29 Chinese lanterns were set alight and travelled the sky across the Bay of Dundalk to send Trevor on his way.

Month's Mind will be held on October 25 at 8pm in Togher Church Co. Louth.

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