Tuesday 17 September 2019

Townwatch could be BIDS success story

A Townwatch radio scheme has been one of the major success stories of the BIDS scheme introduced in Dundalk over the last three years.

Drogheda ratepayers are being asked to vote on introducing the BIDS idea to the town, with up to 1,500 firms, individuals and businesses within the boundary being asked to cast their ballot and return it to the council offices.

Dundalk has had the scheme for a decade and have benefitted in a number of ways, including the Townwatch idea.

Collaborating with the gardai, the scheme is radio based and has been used to deal with anti-social behaviour and retail crime as well as aggressive begging on all of the streets in Dundalk.

There are 20 radios in operation, linking all parts of the town and has led to a number of 'real time' arrests.

Such an idea can take in night time activity to enhance the prospects of a Purple Flag award.

The BIDS scheme has also assisted with a HealthCheck analyis of Dundalk with a series of recommendations made following consultation with business and customers. Some include opening town centre shops and centres until 7pm.

BIDS, if successfully voted in in Drogheda, will see a Town Manager appointed with a brief to liaise with industry leaders to bring more employment to the town, outside of the heavily dependent retail sector.

Drogheda Independent