Thursday 24 January 2019

Townley Hall pathways need to be protected

Townley Hall.
Townley Hall.

Louth County Council is to write to Coilte to advise them of alleged damage being done to the paths and forest walkways at Townley Hall.

Cllr Frank Godfrey raised the issue at last week's meeting, saying he had received a number of complaints from people who walk in the area.

'In recent times, there has been a free for all,' he stated.

He says mountain bikers have taken over the paths and between 50 and 100 descend on the place. 'If there's a section for them, great,' he stated. 'but the people of Tullyallen feel that these people can do what they like. Do they have permission from Coilte to do this.'

He says with the Balfour heritage at Townley Hall, it has huge potential for development as a tourist amenity.

'The area should be respected as there is a lot of wildlife there,' he added.

Drogheda Independent