Tuesday 23 January 2018

Tourist spot now choked with weeds

Alison Comyn

A ONCE-scenic walk by the banks of the Boyne is now overgrown, with the path choked with weeds, blocking the way for walkers.

The stretch of canal towpath from Roughgrange to Rossnaree is being swamped by weeds and bushes, which volunteers used to cut back, but now feel it is Meath County Council's responsibility.

'In fact, we always have thought they should be doing it, but got tired waiting and did it ourselves,' says volunteer Sionade Gibney, from the neighbouring Boyne Currach Heritage Group.

'But we were refused funding last year, and we've all git a bit fed up of cutting it back, so now would like the council to take over.'

The walk was over two metres wide at one stage, but now the foliage is covering the walkway at some parts.

'I remember a time when I could push a buggy and have a child each side on that path, and someone could still pass us,' she recalls.

'It's now a vicious circle - no one is using it because it's so overgrown, but it's because it's so overgrown no one is on it - and all that's happening is a fine local and tourist spot is being lost.'

Drogheda Independent

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