Monday 17 December 2018

Toll will not be lifted for Fleadh Cheoil

Fairy godmother needed to buy out the contract says Nash

Senator Ged Nash has said that Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) has confirmed to him that the Donore Road toll will not be lifted during the Fleadh Cheoil which will take place in August.

Describing the Donore road slip road as "probably the most photographed toll ramp in the world", the Senator explained; "In theory, the toll can be lifted but under terms of the contract signed by Fianna Fáil in the early 2000s, the toll operator must be compensated by 'the proposers of such an initiative'.

"In plain language, this means unless the Fleadh Cheoil committee pays up, then the toll stays put. Realistically this is not going to happen and neither should a voluntary group be expected to foot the bill.

"TII in their correspondence to me described the compensation required as 'very significant' and confirmed that they are "not in a position to fund any such compensation.'

"The impression has been given time and again by some local public representatives that something could be done about the secondary toll during August (with the mere stroke of a pen), and that the problem could be made to magically disappear if only the political will existed to remove the offending toll.

"Sadly, the wrong impression was given and unless a fairy godmother appears to buy out the contract, the toll will remain for the full term of the contract."

Drogheda Independent